Nature - Escape from the world

To some nature is a dirty, scary and boring thing.
To me its what get's me through the day.

Nature is my escape from the stresses of the world.

Everyday we are tackled with news, media, finances, responsibility, encounters with rude and negative people. All of this leaves you feeling weighed down and feeling like there's no point to life.

Many people have hobbies they escape to (sports, cooking, working with their hands, etc.) My escape is being in nature. Being in nature provides so many health benefits and peace of mind. It improves our mood and makes us kinder.

I am obsessed with fly fishing. Being out in a trout stream knee deep is the greatest thing in the world to me.

The relaxing flow of the water, the fresh air, the feeling you get after being in nature and enjoying a great dinner of freshly caught fish with the satisfaction of knowing exactly where that fish was caught and knowing that it wasn't farmed and fed trash.

I also enjoy hunting with my husband and my dogs.
Being out there, watching the dogs work the fields and seeing them living the way they were meant to live, gives me peace.

Nothing beats that.
I believe that with everything there is balance. 
When we let daily stresses bog us down it's hard to find the motivation to keep going, but just getting outside even for a small thing like pulling weeds in the garden, helps put everything back into perspective.

I'd love to hear how you enjoy time outdoors. Let me know in a comment below!
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