2020 Sustainable Challenge – August

Litter. It’s everywhere, and lately it seems like it’s getting worse.

We went to the lake a few weeks ago and I was so sad to see that there were disposable masks along the shoreline and trash spread all over. In a way, it almost feels like most have given up on picking up after themselves.

Picking up litter when we see it shows that we care about the planet, and want to make sure it stays healthy. This month’s Sustainable Challenge is to have the mindset of “It’s not my trash, but it’s my planet”.

Let’s do our part to pick up litter and clean up our planet. Be safe of course. Wear gloves and masks!

Our cleaning up trash that isn’t ours will make an impact, not only on the Earth but on people as well. People watch and are inspired when we take the lead in caring for the planet.

Let’s inspire change this month and clean up the planet one piece of litter at a time.

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