2020 Sustainable Challenge – February

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How did January’s challenge go? I’ll admit it wasn’t always easy for me.

I felt so embarrassed a few weeks ago when I walked out of the house without my mason jar… We went to see a movie, got popcorn, and normally I would just fill my mason jar up with the water fountain water but I left it at home!

I asked for a paper cup at the concessions stand, hoping there wouldn’t be an issue. Gladly they gave me a cup and I went on to watch the movie. Ok, it wasn’t waste-free, but a paper cup is way better than a plastic bottle!

It’s not about perfection, it’s about doing our best and being conscious about avoiding single-use plastics.

In the spirit of bringing our own bottles, this month’s challenge is refusing plastic straws and cutlery.

This one is so challenging for me. I keep a set of metal straws in my purse, but I always seem to forget to order my drink without a straw when we go out! It’s hard to remember which restaurants automatically put a straw in your drink and which don’t… So, challenge accepted! 🙂

Plastic cutlery is challenging in itself because it’s not only found at many restaurants but can also be found in places of work.

Here are my recommendations:

Let’s do our best this month and be sure to share your progress on social media and tag me @willow_bottom on Instagram or @willowbo on Facebook and use #2020sustainablechallenge so I can see your photos and we can all share the experience!

Join my new Facebook Group for the challenge. This is a space to share our journey and support one another even outside of the challenge.

Will you be trying both challenges, or choosing one for February? I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. Heather

    Okay, I’m actually freaking out a little bit at this challenge. Do people carry cutlery and straws around with them all the time?

    1. Whitney

      I carry straws with me all the time and I know of others that do as well. I have a set that has a pouch so when we’re done using them, I dry them as well as I can with a napkin and throw them back into the pouch. My purse doesn’t get wet that way!
      It’s easy to forget to grab your straw when you’re done eating though… I’ve had to walk back to our table before because we forgot to grab them! Overall though it’s not a big deal and it’s a really great Eco-conscious conversation starter!
      I’d like to start carrying cutlery as well but I always forget to put in my purse! 😛
      Although I am happy that most restaurants have metal silverware, there are still some (Chipotle…) that don’t. So this will be a challenge for me too 🙂

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