2020 Sustainable Challenge – January

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Let’s start the year off right by ditching plastic water bottles!

The challenge is to use reusable water bottles and refuse to use or purchase plastic bottles. Simple enough right?

If you’re already doing this the challenge will be easy! If not, then it’s a great opportunity to say goodbye to plastic water bottles and start using reusables!

I’ll admit there are days when I run out of the house without my reusable bottle and regret it, so I have an empty one that I keep in my car for those situations.

My favorite reusable bottles

Other options

I always have a Mason Jar with me! It’s so easy to throw into my purse and have with me when I go into a restaurant. If the restaurant uses plastic cups I pull out my Mason jar and use it instead! These lids are great and fit on wide mouth mason jars.

Reusable mugs are great to have with you when going out for coffee. Most coffee shops will give a discount when you bring your own cup which is a great perk!

Ready to start?

For the month of January use reusable bottles and share your progress on social media! Make sure to tag me @willow_bottom on Instagram or @willowbo on Facebook and use #willowbottom so I can see your photos and we can all share the experience!

Join my new Facebook Group for the challenge. This is a space to share our journey and support one another.

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