Being prepared for whatever life throws at us

The past few weeks have been a wake-up call when it comes to being prepared and it’s given me a moment to reflect on the areas in which I feel prepared and on the areas I’m lacking.

So I thought I’d share a few tips on preparedness in today’s post.

Over the weekend I went to the local grocery store to stock up on some essentials in the likely event that we’ll be staying home for a few weeks.

The store was busy of course and shelves were empty but the reality of it all sat in when I felt the overall vibe of the store. Normally there’s music playing in the background, conversations are being had, and smiles are exchanged. Not on that day. I felt like I was in an apocalyptic movie. Preparing for the zombies. (for lack of a better phrase) People were wearing masks, music was not being played. Everyone was moving in slow motion it seemed. It was quiet and the overall feeling was fear.

As I was finishing up getting the few things that I needed I heard angry yelling coming from across the store like a fight was about to break out. I was at the store alone but was texting my husband and told him I was heading out because it was starting to get scary. I don’t think I will be going alone anymore, at least for a while.

Don’t hate me for this, but ladies let’s face it could we defend ourselves if someone is trying to hurt us because we grabbed the last can of chicken off the shelf? We like to think that we could and there are probably a lot of us that could, but let’s be real for a second. It’s better to go with your spouse or a friend, rather than by yourself. Please be smart and swallow any super-woman pride. I know.

The virus is one thing but when people get afraid all sorts of crazy can happen and it’s just beginning. I hope it won’t get worse but the reality is that it probably will and it seems like things are accelerating fast.

None of us have ever been through a global pandemic. It’s new and scary. Having what we need and being smart and prepared will help get us through.

Stock up on what you can

The main things I noticed are that people are stocking up on Toilet paper, frozen food, canned meat, milk, bread, eggs, grains, and potatoes. These are good things to stock up on but what if you haven’t stocked up? or what if you tried and everything was already picked over?

That’s when it’s time to think out of the box!

The things I saw that were in no rush of being depleted were fresh veggies, fresh fruits, plant-based meat alternatives, sprouted grain bread, nut milk, and beans.

Although not as popular, you can survive on all of these!

Buy up the fresh fruit and veg and freeze them. That way you have extra on hand.

Have you tried plant-based meat alternatives? They aren’t bad tasting and although they might not be the healthiest options because most are processed, you can definitely survive on them.

If you have the option, leave the rice and grab the quinoa. Quinoa is a complete protein. If you need to you could survive on quinoa alone.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to surviving solely on quinoa, but being prepared is a good thing. Plus quinoa has a shelf life of 4 years unopened or 2-3 years opened and stored in the fridge. So you don’t need to worry about it going bad in the short term.

Get my guide to freezing veggies and prepared foods in my free resource library!

Water bottles are being sold at scary amounts, being an Eco-Conscious person, I’m freaking out more about plastic pollution than the fact that there isn’t toilet paper on the shelves! In times like these, it’s so nice to have a gravity filter! Check out my post about sustainable water filtration for more info.

Find ways to do good

We’re all worried about the condition of the world today, but worrying too much is only going to weaken our immune systems. I know this is not easy but could we use that nervous energy to do good? Maybe you have elderly neighbors who can’t get to the store for the needed supplies, could we help them out by going to the store for them? or maybe give them a call to see how they are doing?

Be kind to others. We’re all in this together so let’s be kind to those around us and remember that they are worried too.

A few more tips

Depending on how bad this gets will we be able to send mail to pay our bills? If you can try to pay the month’s bills now in case the mail service slows or closes for a week or two. Not saying it will but it’ll be one less thing to worry about. I know that most bills are paid online, but a few of mine are still only mail-in so I thought I’d share the reminder.

If your kids are out of school right now, don’t freak out. I know, I know, I don’t have kids so I should butt out but I’ve been hearing a lot of parents freaking out that their kids are going to be out of school for the next 3 weeks and they have no idea what they are going to do with them. Forgive me if I’m out of line but, OK you have kids, you wanted kids, DO NOT make them feel like they are a burden to you! What do you do in the summer months? What do you do when school is out because of a snow day? You should be glad that your kids aren’t having to go to school right now because it means that they are staying safe from potentially getting the virus. – Ok, I’ll butt out now, but again please do not make them feel like a burden.

Are you in a position to self-isolate? If you are please do. Right now I think the best thing for us to do is limit interaction with the outside world and of course by that I mean physically. So stay home if you can.

Above all please be safe, smart, and kind.

We’ll get through this together!

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