Bringing your Eco-friendly lifestyle to work

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If you’re like me, you work outside of your home. This can create roadblocks when you’re trying to live with the earth in mind, but your Eco-Friendly lifestyle shouldn’t stay home while you’re at work.

My husband and I are fortunate enough to work at the same company with our offices next to each other, so we have worked together in making our office greener.

Below are a few tips to help bring your sustainable lifestyle to work with you.

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Bring your own

The company we used to work for had a Keurig in the breakroom. I’ll admit when I first started working here I used it… but I didn’t think about the huge impact those little kcups have on the planet. They are not recyclable and don’t decompose… Once I realized this, I stopped using them and haven’t touched them since. I tried to inform my coworkers, but my efforts, unfortunately, are not paid attention to.

As far as the water at work went, they used a reverse osmosis system for the drinking water, so we would have to bring our own water. Sure we’d get made fun of for bringing a reusable gallon jug of water to work, but it’s so much healthier!

If your place of work uses reverse osmosis, consider bringing your own water from home.

Why? Read my post about sustainable water filtration to find out.

Pack your lunch

This is Eco-Friendly for many reasons.

One: You won’t have to worry about recycling or throwing out food packaging, so it’s zero waste!

Two: You won’t be traveling to get something to eat, so you won’t be creating ozone by driving your vehicle to get lunch every day.

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When you pack your lunch be sure to bring your own cutlery and cloth napkins. Better yet, keep reusable cutlery on your desk so you always have them with you.

We keep a set of dishes at work so that we don’t have to use paper plates or bowls. This has reduced our waste quite a bit!

Be conscious

Does it really need to be printed? – There are some things that do need to be printed, but if at all possible, try to save a document on your computer or email that spreadsheet instead of printing it. – I know this might sound crazy, but stop and think about how many pages needlessly get printed every day. It adds up.

If you do need to print, try printing on both sides of the paper. In my line of work printing on both sides of the page isn’t always doable, but I try to do this as much as possible or just keep it digital.

Recycle pages that aren’t needed anymore and look for other items to recycle as well. Highlighters, pens, and cardboard boxes are commonly used office items that can easily be recycled.

If your place of work doesn’t already, try to encourage recycling. Ask about getting a recycling bin from the company that does your trash pick-up.

Bring the Outdoors in

Bring a plant to work with you. Some houseplants help to purify the air, others are just pretty to look at and will help keep you feeling happy during stressful days. If you’re able, use your break time to go outside and clean up litter or plant flowers to spruce up the building.

Use natural cleaners instead of harsh chemical cleaners that are usually found in offices. I’ve asked the cleaning crew to skip my office when they come to clean because I have an allergy to the chemicals used in conventional cleaners. I would always keep a spray bottle of water and Castile soap on my desk. This is awesome because I could use it to keep my office clean and in a pinch use it as hand sanitizer.

Don’t shame coworkers

Not everyone will agree with your Eco-Friendly lifestyle. You might even get some weird looks for talking about how plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment or how we need to stop using kcups. Don’t shame them by telling them they are ruining the planet, even though it can be frustrating that not everyone cares. Rather lead by example. Sometimes people change without you saying anything at all.

You will have some who want to know how they can do their part in saving the planet and might come to you for advice.

Share these tips and ways that you bring your eco-friendly lifestyle to work.

Even if only one coworker works toward living Eco-friendly, it’s better than no one doing it at all.

What if you don’t work in an office?

The same principles apply although you may have to make a few adjustments.

Before I worked in an office, I installed flooring and unfortunately, this was before I started my Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Looking back I could have easily packed lunch, brought my water, and used environmentally friendly cleaners.

No matter the industry you work in, try to think of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and bring your eco-friendly lifestyle with you.

How have you brought your Eco-Friendly lifestyle to work with you? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Whitney Stokes

Whitney is a naturalist who started in 2018 to encourage natural and sustainable living.

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  1. Staying Afloat

    This one is a constant struggle!! Plastics in the trash bin are getting really hard to overlook. We are trying to make an impact through education by erecting signs where better choices can be made. Great post!

  2. Sharon

    this is great, I’ve been trying to be more conscious about my carbon footprint. I will definitely use some of these tips.

    1. irisbramble

      I’m happy to hear that! Thank you for sharing

  3. Erin

    These are great tips! I have plants in my office, use a reusable water bottle and pack my lunch, but some of the other things I haven’t really thought about. I try to be eco-conscious but it’s hard sometimes in an environment you share with others, but this makes it sound so much easier! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Isabel

    Great article and so important to lead the way without being didactic, i.e. not shaming anyone who for whatever reason has made a different choice. I find that many colleagues will quietly follow if you start bringing your own reusable bottle etc…

    1. Whitney

      It’s so true! I have caught some of my coworkers who used to drink from plastic bottles, bringing reusable water bottles with their own water from home! It makes you feel good that you’re having an impact šŸ™‚

  5. Elle

    These are all great ideas. Iā€™m a sahm but these are tips I can use around the house!

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