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This website was created as an all-in-one guide for caring for parrots. 
In 2013 we brought our first conure, Hilo, home.

We had no previous experience with parrots and soon realized that they are complex pets who need a lot of attention and care.
In doing research we realized that there weren’t many great websites that gave clear direction for proper care of parrots, so a few months after bringing Hilo home, Sprouting Organics was born.  
This website serves as a guide in caring for parrots in ways that they need to be cared for through my own experiences and research.
Since the launch of this site, we’ve welcomed Hana a lineolated parakeet, and Poppy a Green Cheek Conure into our home. 



Introduction to Parrots

Parrots are amazing creatures. They talk, mimic sounds and eat using their feet as hands. Many feel that they just sit in a cage and don’t need much attention. Some feel parrots are easy and…



Breeders know about parrots, they hand tame and feed them proper food. More often than not breeders are passionate parrot people who…



Cages – Parrots need room to move around in their cages. When we are looking for a house to live in, we want to make sure it has plenty of room for us to live comfortably. The same goes for a parrot. They will be spending the…

Ara vert. Famille des Psittacidés. Ordre : Psittaciformes


Parrots commonly suffer from calcium deficiencies. Certain Parrots suffer other vitamin deficiencies too. For example, Cockatiels are known to have…

Sprouting Organics is an offshoot of Willowbottom Homestead, a website about our homestead where we share practical ways to help save the environment through Eco-Friendly & Sustainable living.

Latest News

We’ve added Quail to the homestead!!  Check out our brooder live stream and more news on Willowbottom.com