Take a walk with me in nature

I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature lately and it’s inspired me to write this short story.
When I’m out in the middle of the woods or a meadow somewhere I don’t think to snap pics because I’m soaking it all in, but I wanted to take you on a walk with me and share my experiences.
I hope you enjoy this story.
Make sure you have your hiking boots on and a warm jacket!

Take a walk with me in nature

We head out in the early morning, just as the sun begins to rise. The meadow is full of fog and the brisk air shows our breath. The sun is just coming over the horizon and lays across the rolling land, showing the glistening dew on each blade of grass. It’s a beautiful morning.

We’re walking on a path that’s taking us into the woods. It looks dark and gloomy as the sun hasn’t risen high enough to brighten the dense cover of the leaves. It’s quiet.

As we’re getting closer to the woods we notice the sound of our footsteps crunching each fallen leaf. It’s so loud compared to the calm that’s only found in nature. We try to step lightly to not disturb the peacefulness surrounding us.

We reach the woods and find a log to sit on. It’s covered in dew and moss. We sit still so we’re not noticed by the wildlife that is just walking up. 

It’s not long before the woods come to life. 

Birds start singing, squirrels jump from branch to branch playing keep-away with an acorn, and woodpeckers begin chirping and rhythmically tapping the trees. The music of nature begins to play. 

It’s unlike anything experienced elsewhere.

We hear leaves crunching very softly and look up to find a doe and her baby coming to eat the acorns the squirrels dropped. We must stay very still so we don’t spook them. 

The doe looks up. She looks directly at you. You know she knows you’re there, but she’s not completely sure. Something looks off but the wind is in your favor so she can’t pick up your scent very well. She walks a little closer to investigate.
Her fawn is watchful but continues to eat.
As the doe moves closer, you feel your heart start racing. Pure joy flows through your whole body. She stops. She’s now only a few feet away.
She moves her head to the left, then to the right with her eyes fully fixed on you. “Does she see me?” You ask yourself.
She comes in a little closer and blows air through her snout as a warning. You stay still. Sweat starts to form on your forehead. It’s hard to sit so still and quiet, but you do. You soak in every moment you get watching this doe.

She gets close enough to detect your scent and sounds a warning and her baby runs further into the woods. She follows but stops to blow more air from her snout before disappearing into the deep woods.

You feel numb with excitement from what you just experienced. You wish there was a way to capture the moment, but you’ll always have it locked in memory. 

We decide to carry on through the woods, climbing over fallen trees and jumping over small streams.
The terrain is muddy and rolling so we are careful not to fall.
As we reach the other side of the woods we find a wetland. It’s teaming with wildlife which is now fully awake. 

It’s such a beautiful sight, but as we walk closer, a fallen branch snaps underfoot. We’ve been spotted. Everything vanishes in an instant! 

We find a spot among some Pine trees, and we sit and see how long it takes for the creatures to forget we’re there. 

Slowly the song starts again. The ducks fly in and make a splash landing in the water. The turtles resurface and climb onto a log that’s being warmed by the morning sun.
The frogs begin croaking and the birds start singing.
A kingfisher flies in making a laughing sound as it drives in to take a fish, then swoops up into a tree to enjoy its catch.
Geese are flying overhead, circling back to make a landing. 

Everything is at peace. There is a calm that blankets the area, tranquility unmatched anywhere man has inhabited.

We feel welcomed by nature as everything carries on as if we weren’t there.

We head back as the noon sun rises. The heat of the afternoon changes the land, as the wildlife hunkers down, waiting for the cool evening air.

Thanks for reading!

Have you had similar experiences in nature? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Whitney Stokes

Whitney is a naturalist who started Willowbottom.com in 2018 to encourage natural and sustainable living.

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  1. Marie Bernais

    This was such a lovely story, I wish I was on a hike right now!

    1. Whitney

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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