Tips for keeping those winter blues away

Winter is coming. Those words mean excitement to me, but not long ago they use to make me cringe.

Growing up, I lived for the summer months. I wasn’t into winter sports, so it was just cold, boring, and seemed like it lasted forever!

A few years ago my outlook on winter changed. How?

Getting outdoors

We started hunting a few years ago and my view of winter completely changed! OK, I know hunting is not for everyone so I’m not telling you that you need to go hunting to fall in love with winter, but I am telling you that getting outside more will help.

I know winter is cold and some winter days are completely icky, but getting outdoors more in the winter months is so helpful when it comes to those winter blues.

On days when the weather is mild, go for a walk. If you enjoy sledding, snowboarding, ice skating, or any other winter sport, do it! Any activity outside will make those cold miserable winter days seem so much better.

Dressing properly

Everyone who has told me that they hate winter seems to have this one thing in common and I was there too. They don’t wear proper clothes for winter!

Wearing boots, gloves, a coat, and scarves may seem obvious, but the right materials make all the difference.

Wool is my favorite winter wear for sweaters, scarves, gloves, long johns, socks, etc.. Check out my post about wool!

Layering is also important. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put on a huge sweater, gone to work, and overheated because I didn’t have a tee shirt underneath. Layering is a must. Remember you can always put more clothes on, but you can only take off so much…

Thinking Positive

Keeping a positive attitude during the long winter months really helps to make it bearable.

In winter there are no ticks or mosquitoes. That’s a positive for me, especially for taking my dogs on walks. I don’t have to worry about ticks.

Another positive is that you don’t have to worry about groceries getting hot in your car because you needed to go to another shop after getting them!

These are simple positives that I enjoy about winter. I know there are a lot of negatives about winter, but not dwelling on the negatives and remembering the positives will help our view of the cold long winter

What do you enjoy about winter? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Whitney Stokes

Whitney is a naturalist who started in 2018 to encourage natural and sustainable living.

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