Your Eco-Friendly Journey Interview Series- Meet Fran

Fran is an Eco-warrior from England. She has been living an Eco-friendly lifestyle for several years. She grows vegetables and herbs, forages, and makes food from scratch.
She also donates to conservation efforts and nature charities.
She encourages wildlife and hopes to make cleaning supplies eventually.

Here’s her story:

What made you start living with the earth in mind?

Loving nature and wildlife and realizing what is happening to it.
Seeing environmental damage with my own eyes with melting glaciers in New Zealand and coral bleaching in Australia.
Watching documentaries.
Learning about how climate change has been covered up for so many years. Joining a growing movement.

Have you encouraged others to join you?

Yes! My family are all on board now and I have a blog on Instagram @envirobite_girl and have recently started contributing to a weekly environmental newsletter

What has been the most challenging part about living Eco-Friendly? 

I enjoy the challenge of all the changes that need to be made and educating myself but I find it difficult discussing with people what I am doing it and why as there are so many disappointing attitudes like ‘what’s the point it won’t make a difference and still a lot of denial, unfortunately.
I do get stressed about not being ‘perfect’ but really try not to.

What’s your favorite Eco-swap?

Hmm, tricky one as there are so many! And a lot of them have changed my life for the better.
Some of my favs include shopping at zero waste shops, experimenting with more vegan and vegetarian recipes, carrying reusables, supporting ethical businesses, and exploring places that don’t involve flying!

What has living with the Earth in mind taught you? 

So much! I’d say the most important thing has been slowing down the pace of life and trying to enjoy the moment and appreciate the small, non-materialistic things, though this is still difficult!
My appreciation for nature and wildlife is also ever-growing and I think it’s so important that we preserve it.

Any advice you’d like to give others who are starting an Eco-Friendly lifestyle?

Don’t expect to be perfect and don’t feel guilty about changes you haven’t made.
Try and be excited about the changes rather than seeing them as a hassle. Educate yourself as much as possible!

Thank you Fran for sharing your story! Be sure to check out and follow her Instagram page @envirobite_girl

Whitney Stokes

Whitney is a naturalist who started in 2018 to encourage natural and sustainable living.

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