Your Eco-Friendly Journey Interview Series – Meet Lusine

Lusine is an Eco-warrior from Armenia who currently resides in Lebanon. She has been living an Eco-Friendly lifestyle for many years and enjoys gardening. She also runs the blog “My blog, coffee and camera!

Here’s her story:

What made you start living with the earth in mind? 

The Garbage Crisis in Lebanon, the polluted air and dirty beaches

Have you encouraged others to join you?

I’ve been trying to hold small talks with my close people and share information on social media but in reality, I’m alone in my journey for the time being.

What has been the most challenging part about living Eco-Friendly?

The country where I live doesn’t support recycling and doesn’t provide people with recycling bins.

What’s your favorite Eco-swap?

Reusable bags and water bottles

What has living with the Earth in mind taught you? 

The Earth doesn’t need us, we need the Earth.

Any advice you’d like to give others who are starting an Eco-Friendly lifestyle?

Don’t underestimate your power as an individual, start with baby steps, each tiny act counts.

Thank you Lusine for sharing your journey! Please check out her post entitled “5 Benefits of houseplants” It’s a great read 🙂

Whitney Stokes

Whitney is a naturalist who started in 2018 to encourage natural and sustainable living.

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  1. Lusine

    Thanks a lot for the feature, hope I will improve my sustainable living.

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