Welcome to our homestead

We’re Richard & Whitney. We love spending time in nature fly fishing, hunting, eating real food, and living a natural & sustainable lifestyle.

We started this blog because it worries us that the love we, as humans once had for nature is diminishing.

In this money-crazed, me-first world humans lose sight of what’s actually important.
That is, living naturally and taking care of the Earth.
The Earth gives us so much and it seems we expect it to take care of us without the accountability of the damage we’re causing.

Our posts consist of practical ways to help save the environment by living a sustainable lifestyle.

We also write about spending time in nature, hunting, fishing, and gardening, along with health tips and real food recipes and a glimpse into our homestead.

When we’re not blogging about sustainable living you can find us working side by side in our photography business, Rich & Whitty.

In 2013 we brought our first Conure, Hilo, home. 

We had no previous experience with parrots and soon realized that they are complex pets who need a lot of attention and care.
In doing research we realized that there weren’t many great websites that gave clear directions for proper care of parrots, so a few months after bringing Hilo home, the website Sprouting Organics was born.  

It started as a blog but quickly became an informational website.  Now it’s part of Willowbottom! 

If you have a parrot or are thinking about getting a parrot or just wanna check it out you can find it here.

Read the origin story in my post Willowbottom turns one 

Our pets are our kids

We have 2 Beagles & 3 Parrots

Music brings us joy

Some of our favorite bands are: 

Grizzly Bear • Portugal the Man • Alt-J • Joywave • Fleet Foxes • Lord Huron

Our favorite books are

A Sand County Almanac • 1984 

Our favorite outdoor activities are

Being out in our garden • Fly Fishing • Taking photos of nature & watching the woodpeckers at our feeders

Willowbottom Turns One!

100 things that make me happy

We believe that one person can make a difference

Are your ready to start your Eco-Friendly living journey?