I'm Whitney

A 20 something Conservationist who loves spending time in nature fly fishing, hunting, eating real food and living a natural & sustainable lifestyle.

I started this blog because it worries me that the love we once had for nature is diminishing.

In this money crazed, me-first world we lose sight of what’s actually important.
That is, living naturally and taking care of the Earth.
The Earth gives us so much and it seems we expect it to take care of us without the accountability of the damage we’re causing.

My Posts consist of practical ways to help save the environment by living a sustainable lifestyle.

I also write about spending time in nature, hunting, fishing, and gardening, along with health tips and real food recipes!

More about me

When I’m not blogging about sustainable living you can find me creating websites for other bloggers and businesses through my web design business Whitney Stokes Design.

Web design and caring for the Earth are a few of my many passions.

Why Willowbottom?

Read the origin story in my post Willowbottom turns one 

I believe that one person can make a difference

Are your ready to start your Eco-Friendly living journey?