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Now is the time to plan for next year’s growing season!

Starting your garden planning in autumn sets you up for a more organized, successful, and productive growing season in the coming year.

Not sure where to start?  We’ve got you covered!

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  • Throwback to the photoshoot we had with our quail chicks.

This was a quick shoot as we didn't want to keep them from their siblings for long. 
We rotated through about four sets of quail so as to not over stress them.

These chicks were two weeks old and were just starting to get their feathers in. 


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  • You're about to roast a whole chicken then realize you don't have kitchen twine to tie the legs with! 

Don't panic, you can use the skin to tie the legs and still cook a perfectly juicy chicken.

Carefully cut a hole in the skin on the opposite side of the leg you wish to tuck, and insert the leg, continue on the other side and voila! 

Why tie the legs?
Tying the legs together helps the chicken cook evenly and keeps the meat juicy. No one likes dry chicken! 

Next time you roast a whole chicken, give this method a try!

If you'd like to see how I roasted this chicken, comment RECIPE and I'll send you a link to the recipe and my step by step video. 

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  • Gingerbread cookies are the ultimate winter comfort cookie. 

They're soft and crunchy, sweet and spicy and can be made into fun shapes!

#gingerbread #gingerbreadcookierecipe #homemade #recipe #homesteadliving #homemadefood #homecook
  • If you've ever had fresh squeezed orange juice, you know it's absolutely delicious!
I love oranges, but years ago every time I would eat them I would get a migraine. It was similar to watermelon and other melons, I thought I was allergic to the fruit.
As I've gotten older and have been on a journey of eating real food and food that I have grown on my own, I've come to realize that I'm not actually allergic to the fruit as long as I eat organic. 

The scary part of that means that I was having a reaction to the chemicals that were being used on the fruit during the growing process. Whether it was pesticides or herbicides I was having an allergic reaction to it.

When you become aware that what you purchase and what you put into your body can make all the difference between feeling great or feeling terrible, you start to see everything differently and it's easy to make the needed changes.

This orange juice recipe is very simple. 
All you need are oranges, a lemon, and a lime.
I like using lemon and lime to cut the sweetness of the oranges.

After you make the orange juice save the rinds because when you're using organic produce, you can reuse the rinds safely without having to worry about any harmful chemicals. 

There are three different ways that I love to repurpose them, one is by putting the rinds into a jar and letting them sit in drinking water for a few days, even up to a week and this can be used as a natural pesticide for your garden.

Another way to repurpose rinds is by putting them into a stock pot and filling that with water.
Add some cinnamon sticks, star anise, whole cloves, or any herbs or spices that you might have as long as they are in their whole form. 
Bring that to a boil and then let it simmer. That's going to fill your house with a beautiful citrusy aroma.

The last way to repurpose rinds is by putting them into a jar with some vinegar, let that sit for a few weeks, then strain out the rinds. 
This makes a homemade non-toxic all-purpose cleaner. 
You can use that for anything in the kitchen, bathroom, for dusting, wiping down surfaces, really anything!

#homemade #homesteadliving
#orangejuice #organicgardening #organicisbest