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Molekule Air Purifier Review

Good air quality is something everyone wants in their house, especially if you have allergies.

Several years ago when we moved we discovered that our house had mold. We tore everything out and were left with bare studs and the original hardwood flooring. This meant we had to put all new walls and flooring in, but no one wants to live with headaches and sore throats caused by mold.

The mold is gone, but it left us with sensitivities to mold and other allergens. 

We have used several air purifiers to clean the air (HEPA, Carbon, etc.,) all of which worked for the first few weeks then the air quality goes down again once the filters start to become bogged down. 

After years of trying different air purifiers and getting new filters we searched for a better solution and came across Molekule. 

Traditional air purifiers trap pollutants, which seems like a great thing but as you use the purifier, the pollutants multiply in the filter and can be released back into the air.

Molekule’s filtration system works at a molecular level to destroy pollutants, so that the air coming out is always clean. It works against pet dander, mold, pollen, VOCs and other allergens. It’s able to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filters!

This was really appealing to us so we did our research. 

We had read really good reviews about Molekule and a few bad reviews.

Any bad reviews we’d seen were about how the app wouldn’t connect or how loud the unit is or that it releases a strong odor. Those reviews didn’t sway us because other purifiers we’d used were loud. The unit can be controlled without an app so if the app wouldn’t connect who cares, it’s not difficult to press a button on the unit…

We figured the odor was just because it was new and it would probably go away after a few days. – Nothing we couldn’t handle.

The price was a bit to swallow and kept us from purchasing for a while but they do provide financing options which helps. We figured if it really worked as well as everyone is saying then it would be worth the cost. They offer a 60 day full refund return policy, so we decided to try it out.

When we placed the order, they told us it would take around two weeks before we would receive it, based on demand.

We were pleased to see it arrive about a week after ordering! 

What I wasn’t pleased with is that the box it came in says Molekule and has images and writing all over explaining what it is… 

I can see how they would think that it’s a good idea because it’s advertising, but as a consumer it wasn’t appreciated because I wasn’t home when it arrived so any nosy neighbor or person walking by could see it and take off with it.. 

Un-boxing and set up was simple. The app connected flawlessly and it was up and running within a few minutes. 

It comes with a pre-filter and a nano-filter. You will have to replace the filters every few months, but they will send them to you automatically and they are very easy to change.

It covers 600 sq.ft so, we set it in a central location in our house. 

Within a few days we noticed a huge difference! The air feels cleaner and smells fresher. 

After a few weeks I’ve noticed that I don’t feel stuffed up when I wake up in the morning!

It isn’t any louder than a fan and honestly I don’t even notice the sound. It does have a quiet mode, but it doesn’t blow air out as fast as the normal mode so we feel it’s kinda pointless.

We were right about the odor. It wasn’t a bad odor, just a new product smell that went away after a few days.

It does emit a blue light which is pretty bright, so we turn it off at night, but it gives a cool effect during the day. Which by the way, Molekule is really nice looking. If you didn’t know any better, you would not know it’s an air purifier. 

It’s clean slim look makes it easy to fit in with your decor. 

I feel good about using it as it does not emit ozone or any other harmful byproduct, which would hurt my family and my pets.

Overall we are pleased with Molekule. It’s the first purifier we’ve tried that actually works. 

Do you use a Molekule? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments!

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